Monday, June 29, 2015

Our Family Holiday (Part 6) - Uluru and Kata-Tjuta

On Thursday we left Alice Springs are drove 450km to see Uluru.  For years we looked at this photo on our prayer card and dreamed of seeing.  So this was a pretty big day for us.
Thanks for the reminder!
Mt. Conner
People are often fooled by Mt. Conner and think it's Uluru.
Still an amazing sight!
There she is - Uluru!
You were able to drive completely around Uluru and see it from all sides.
There are signs there asking people not to climb,
although they do allow it in some places.
But out of respect we just walked around.
Red dirt
About 50 kilometers from Uluru is Kata-Tjuta, or the Olgas.
A view of Uluru from Kata-Tjuta.
And Uluru at sunset.
Also, as a side note, it does cost to get into the National Park were Uluru and Kata-Tjuta are.  The cost for a year's pass for Territorians was $65.  I only share, because we hadn't budgeted this into our trip, and other's reading this who are planning a trip may want to know.  :)
We stayed in a cabin in Yalara, a little town near Uluru.
We found Swiss Miss hot chocolate in Alice Springs.
It was quite cold (4C), so they were happy to warm up with hot chocolate.
I wanted to see camels in the wild,
but this is as close as I could get.
Here is my favourite photo from our trip. 
Can you see Uluru in the background?
I absolutely love these clouds!
We left Friday and drove to Tennent Creek to stay the night.
I got this photo of a beautiful sunset there.
The petrol station offered kangaroo tails, fur and all.
Maybe next time!
That's the last of my photos.
Thanks for stopping by!

Our Family Holiday (Part 5) - Alice Springs Desert Park

On Wednesday, I had a meeting for work (which is why we finally scheduled this trip!).  It was a good team meeting, and I enjoyed seeing our company's office in Alice Springs and meeting new people.  While I was at the meeting, Patrick took the kids to the museum, so I don't have any photos of that.  After they picked me up, we went to the Alice Springs Desert Park.  This place was very similar to Berry Springs Wildlife Park up near Darwin.  The nice things about places like this, is that they offer a great deal for Territorians.  So you pay to get in, and you get a free pass for one year.  I don't know if we'll make it back down to Alice Springs in the next year, but if we do, we get in for free!!
Alice Springs Desert Park was a great place!
We highly recommend it!

Our Family Holiday (Part 4) - Hermannsburg

On Tuesday we woke up and drove out to Hermannsburg.  This was the location of the first Aboriginal Mission in the Northern Territory.  The history was fascinating.
I took this panorama shot with my phone.
How cool is this piano?! 
I love the candlestick holders!
We had morning tea in a little cafe they had there.
Patrick was happy to have apple strudel.
We loved the German connection to this place.
For more information for Hermannsburg - click here.

Our Family Holiday (Part 3) - Simpson's Gap

We drove out to Simpson's Gap.
This was such a beautiful place.
Cody was looking for Rock Wallabies

Our Family Holiday (Part 2) - Alice Springs

We had a good trip down, and enjoyed the changing scenery from tropics to desert.  Here are some photos of our drive to Alice Springs.

Cody said he wanted to have lunch in the middle of nowhere,
this was pretty close!
There is a stretch of the Stuart Highway that has an open speed limit.
We didn't try it out, here's why...
We arrived in Alice Springs around 1pm on Monday.  We didn't make any definite plans for the trip, we just picked up a bunch of travel brochures and played it by ear.  Holidays are more fun that way.
Here are some photos from Anzac Hill.
You an see the McDonnell Ranges in the background.
Gorgeous views all around.
Our hotel.  I love that they give Territorian discounts!
A little treat they left us.
I'm a little jealous of their shopping trollies,
and that they had 2 grocery stores!
More photos to come.